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Matt Wenzel

President - Kasa Tournament Director - Safety Director

Phone: 605-280-2923

Jamie Olson

Secretary/Treasurer - Minor's Rep - Safety Director

Phone: 605-270-0492

Chuck DeJean

Memorial/Klock Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator

Phone: 605-354-1075

Bev Katz

15 and Up Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 605-350-7102

Nichole Wenz

Coach Pitch Rep

Phone: 605-350-4013

Cory Huber

Vice President - Legion Rep

Phone: 605-354-1040

Rebecca Gilbert

Major's Rep - Kasa Fundraising Coordinator

Phone: 605-350-2804

Jamie Grace

Teener Rep - 14U Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 605-350-0916

Brady Teveldal

Kasa Equipment Manager

Phone: 605-354-3060

Jessica Beck

Board Member (Memorial/Klock)

Phone: 605-354-8144

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